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I am only half way through my first order of 60 capsules and I can positively stated that the quality of my erections is on the increase and that is why I am placing an order enclosed for more capsules.

P. W. Peninsula, ON

Have to say they worked.

R. R. Alberta

Dear Sir, Your capsules are perfectly working. Thanks for your help.

M. B. Montreal, QC

It started working after 20 days, so I am now re-ordering.

D. W. Toronto, ON

Much better than other treatments.

S. F. Sault Ste Marie, ON

Works great. Past expectations.

R. H. Markstay, ON

Works very well. Thank you.

D. C. Belleville, ON

Love your product. Cheaper than other products. I am telling everyone about C-191.

T. M. Cornwall, ON

I wanted to say how Regalia works to be sure and yes I am very satisfied with it and likely my spouse is as well.

W. F. Edmonton, AB

While I have used C-191 for only 2 weeks I have noticed a marked improvement without the side effects that I had with other products. I look forward to even better results.

L. H. Altona, MB

I've tried just about every natural product there is. This is the 1st one that's actually working. So thank you Regalia. At 75 years old, you need all the help you can get.

M. O. Vanier, QC

I am 82 years old, after 12 days I was ready for sex after a long time with no or partial erection, regalia is super.

J. S. Bertrand

Showing 121-132 out of 292 testimonials