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It's improving. Not 100% but better.

J. M. Milton, ON

I noticed almost immediately my erection lasted longer. I had more confidence an also felt healthier.

G. D. Altona, MB

I'm ordering my second treatment today. I see improvement with my first treatment. I'm feeling better with myself. Thank you.

M. H. Ottawa, ON

Happy with the product Improved my hardness and availability. THX

J. P. Winnipeg, MB

Regalia has changed my outlook on life sex has never been better since I started taking them.

D. S. Belleville, ON

Your capsules are good. Thank you.

N. S. Arborg, MB

Regalia started to work 10 days into the treatment. So I am placing another order.

J. P. Winnipeg, MB

I am only half way through my first order of 60 capsules and I can positively stated that the quality of my erections is on the increase and that is why I am placing an order enclosed for more capsules.

P. W. Peninsula, ON

Have to say they worked.

R. R. Alberta

Dear Sir, Your capsules are perfectly working. Thanks for your help.

M. B. Montreal, QC

It started working after 20 days, so I am now re-ordering.

D. W. Toronto, ON

Much better than other treatments.

S. F. Sault Ste Marie, ON

Showing 133-144 out of 311 testimonials