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I initially greeted my first order of pills with scepticism, writing it off as yet another internet scam. After a couple of weeks still no results, gradually old urges started appearing a week later had it down to one tablet every second day and wife starting to get annoyed with all the attention. My Wife of 25 years says " Thanks guys for her second honeymoon"

W. C. Calgary

Hello, I am 65 years old and I have taken Viagra which has given me headaches. With Regalia C-191 no headaches and was able to have sex after just 7 days. Thank you Regalia.

M. M. Callander

I was very pleased with the performance that these pills provided for me. I am very happy with the decision I made.

L. M. Halifax

Thank you for your product. I am a man again. By day 10 my penis was getting harder and harder. It was working!

R. S. Kitchener

I was very pleased with the outcome from using the Regalia C-191 capsules. About 10-15 capsules brought about the desired results. Thank you.

L. K. North Vancouver

It took a few days to kick in. I took one pill a day and sometimes forgot. It does a pretty good job.

J. T. London

It did take 2 weeks but yes I have found a major improvement and it's looking like it will only get better.

J. M. Severn

One mooring was lying in bed without the covers, my wife came out of the bathroom saw me and asked is that yours? Later she came to check again when I was in the shower. I will be 70 this year, things are looking good. No side affects

J.F. Altona

I am 59 years old on meds so that i could not take Viagra. After 10 days of 2 pills a day our sex life started to happen again. it's great!

D. L. Beachville

Good results after 2 weeks and 30 capsules. I will continue to take 2 capsules per day. Thank you.

K. J. Fort Qu'Appelle

Marvellous! repeat Marvellous!

B. W. Langley

My friend paid for this product and had it shipped to my apt. He has noticed a difference or rather I have noticed a bigger difference in his performance. He is actually erect & can last longer when we are intimate. Thank you!

M. S. St Thomas

Showing 193-204 out of 292 testimonials