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I am so happy for these pills, I am doing what I used to do in my 40's I am thanking you. God Bless.

S. T. Windsor

3/4 the way through the first batch ( 2 weeks) I am not quite like i was 20. Much better than I was.

A. S. Brampton

Started to have results in 2 weeks, Improvements ever since. Very happy with your product.

J. F. Kemble

After 4 days of taking the pills (2 per day) I am feeling a difference already, getting better as each day passes by.

M. L. Maple Ridge

I achieved great erections 50% of the time. With Regalia C-191 I achieve great erections 100% of the time. Much firmer and longer lasting.

M. X. Canada

After 10 days I noticed my desire went up. I did feel really good. Its been a long time.

S. G. Calgary

Good enhancement!!

J. Z. Bogner

I am very satisfied with the results of Regalia C-191. After 45 capsules things are different, my erections came easier, quicker and harder.

M. X. Canada

After 3 weeks there has been a significant change in my sexual life. After 39 treatments of radiation this positive change is very welcome.

M. T. North York

Took 16 days at 2 per day day to help sexuality improve.

J. S. Leamington

I have taken the 30 capsules from my initial order and have noticed very positive results. I am placing my second order 2 for 1 and looking forward to further positive results and a happier sex life.

R. M. Owen Sound

I received my first shipment of Regalia C-191 last week ans within 2 days my sex life was improved dramatically. My concentration was also improved, I have shot my best 3 rounds of gold this year. I feel way sharper in my everyday duties. A great product, Thank you.

W. E. Kelowna

Showing 193-204 out of 311 testimonials