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Though I only tried it for one treatment I must say what a difference, I feel “alive again” my wife see the difference in my mood.

J. F. Brampton

After 15 days began to feel discouraged. After 18 days things began to change – it has been progress ever since. Regalia C-191 has improved my sex life beyond belief. Thank you.

A. L. Cornwall

After only 8 days starting to a positive change / anxious and for see performance in the near future, will keep you informed.

JM. C. Ile Bizard

I think it works for me, that’s why I want to go for another couple of months. Thank you.

A. B. Nagel

Very good! It works!

R. G. Brockville

I am over 60 and have a lot of products with average results. I tried this one and after the 2nd treatment I saw great results that keep on working.

P. P. Welland

Viagra helps me to continue to enjoy my sex life, but with time I have need a booster to increase my libido. After taking this pills for a week I noticed I am more powerful and sexually active.

A. T. Surry

I am already so encouraged by one week’s treatment of Regalia C-191 I am reordering.

R. L. Scarborough

I noticed a difference after 10 days of first using Regalia C-191. It was a feeling of arousal and getting an erection felt easier to achieve. I am willing to try it again to see if I get the same or better results.

C. F. Toronto

My first experience is very good. After a few days of taking 2 pills a day I am feeling much stronger (harder erections) and more sexual vigour. Thanks.

J. G. Ottawa

I love your product. Noticed an increase in size. I will be ordering more.

T. M. Cornwall

I was very pleased with the performance these capsules gave me. It has enhanced my sexual life I would recommend them highly.

L. M. Edmonton

Showing 265-276 out of 281 testimonials