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I resisted trying Regalia C-191 even though the negative side affects from the other blue pills cause many health issues. Subsquently I was very surprised when I just tried Regalia C-191. Try them you will be happy.

G. S. Oliver, BC

I have been experiencing great results since. I have no complaints since I’ve tried these.

L. M. Halifax, NS

This product had a positive effect on my virility.

R. M. Almonte, ON

Recently my lady and I had our first argument (we been living together for about 6 months). Make up sex has always been emotional; but I was amazed that I could be hard and come 3 times in 8 hours.

D. S. North Delta, BC

I am very excited about your product. I nom can get a good hard penis and maintain it during sex with my partner. It has been a long time that I enjoyed sex.

T. D. Pembroke, ON

My first experience with Regalia C-191 began approx. 5 or 6 days after taking the product. I found that it was mentally sexually stimulating me and also experienced more firm erections thereby enhancing my sex life.

R. V. London, ON

About 70% erection which is letter than before.

D. H. Thorold, ON

Nothing like it. Thanks.

D. M. Ottawa, ON

Tried this when I was 71. Found it great to meet my needs I’m a believer.

J. P. Winnipeg, MB

Read about it in a newspaper. I bought 30 capsules and had good results after 7 days. It works very well I will continue taking them. Thanks.

O. S. Calgary, AB

Thank you!! I have used this product before and find that it works very well.

H. M. Whitby, ON

I use Regalia C-191 for a while now it definitely see a difference and so does my wife not like I am 30 again but still feels good to get an erection.

M. P. Porcupine, ON

Showing 73-84 out of 292 testimonials